“In the Mood” for cushions!

Edelman B.V. has taken over Maro Trading Co. B.V. The takeover of Maro, known for its brand In The Mood Collection will strengthen Edelman’s position in the textile segment.

“Maro is strongly represented on the shop floor, especially in The Netherlands. Their brand ’ In The Mood Collection’ will continue to exist after the takeover, ”says Ronald van Veen, CEO Edelman B.V.
Edelman B.V. is a brand company in the home deco industry and a trusted partner in business with the brands Mica decorations, Casa Vivante, Triumph Tree, Luville collectables, Luca lighting and Black Box Trees. ‘‘In The Mood Collection is a perfect match with Edelman B.V.’’ according to Van Veen. ‘‘The takeover allows us to expand the range of textiles in our collection and we can offer a broader collection all year round. Including indoor and outdoor cushions which are ideal for shelf plans, an Edelman specialty. The takeover is in line with our growth strategy, in which we mainly aim to grow outside the Netherlands. ”

Ed and Moni de Bever, owners of Maro Trading Co. B.V .: “We can gratefully look back to a great time in which we have created beautiful collections with our team and have realized the In The Mood Collection brand. After 15 years, we decided to turn our full attention to our company Lex & Max, a cushion brand especially for pets. In our view, Edelman is the ideal organization to let our brand In The Mood Collection grow. We will remain involved in the managing board of Maro Trading Co. B.V. until the end of 2020 to ensure that the takeover will proceed smoothly. ”

Maro Trading Co. B.V. is a specialized importer of home textiles and offers an extensive collection of decorative cushions, garden cushions, throws and table linen. Years of experience in the home textile industry and the strength of the brand In The Mood Collection has made Maro one of the key players in the textile segment. In addition to an extensive and constantly updated standard collection, Maro offers beautiful spring and autumn collections of decorative cushions and an inviting range of cushions for garden chairs and benches. For many years, Maro has focused on expanding the In The Mood Collection brand on the Dutch market. The organization is professionally managed and is ready for international expansion.